About The Team
Claire Tchaikowski
Claire Tchaikowski Founder and Director

I’m the Founder and Director of the project. I’ve been a music artist and documentary/video producer for the last 20 years. I grew up in Switzerland and moved to London in my early 20s. I live in Bristol now with my partner and son.

This advert initiative began to bubble in my brain after becoming a mother and whilst breastfeeding our son. We reached a year and he was continuing to feed happily, and I realised I knew nothing about when might be a natural time for him to stop. I wanted to find out more, and I needed support and community as well.

Not only did I find a hugely supportive community online, but I also started to find out things about human milk that were so astounding to me that I felt compelled to do something to share the information as far and wide as possible.

What started as a small personal project quickly grew into something bigger… and bigger, as more and more people showed up to help and grow the scope of the initiative.

All of us working on this project are parents, most of us have very young children and have been juggling the work around sleep deprivation, nap times, paid work, playdates and meltdowns. Everyone who has contributed time and skills has done so free of charge.

The support that gathered around this initiative is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before. In creating and co-ordinating this project, I found the village that I was craving as a first time mother.

I hope you find the information and further links useful. I hope it supports your instincts. I hope it helps us all to understand and support the passion in parents who want to breastfeed, whether they end up doing it or not.

I passionately believe in informed choice. If you’re wondering how to feed your child, feast your eyes on the information gathered here, then choose whatever it is you desire to do.

If you’re already breastfeeding, I hope you enjoy discovering more about what you’re offering your child. I hope it fuels you up.

Dr. Natalie Shenker
Dr. Natalie Shenker Science Advisor

Dr. Natalie Shenker is an Oxford-trained doctor with a PhD in cancer and environmental epigenetics from Imperial College. While investigating markers of breast cancer risk in breast milk, and while navigating the difficulties of feeding her own babies, she became fascinated with the complexity of human milk components and its role in public health.

Through her work in 2016 to establish the Hearts Milk Bank, a future regional centre of milk banking and human milk research, she is committed to developing a collaborative approach to breast milk research that will enable the most questions to be answered as efficiently as possible. Natalie is also co-founder of the Human Milk Foundation, which was set up to give the opportunity of being fed with human milk to more babies.

Dr. Amy Brown
Dr. Amy Brown Social Science Advisor

Dr Amy Brown is Professor in Child Public Health at Swansea University and is author of "The Positive Breastfeeding Book", "Why Starting Solids Matters", and "Breastfeeding Uncovered: Who really decides how we feed our babies?" all published by Pinter & Martin.

Amy is on a mission to rid the world of breastfeeding stigma and misunderstanding. Her research explores how although many people will recite the inaccurate Breast is Best message (it's not best, it's normal), in reality society is seemingly set up to systematically ruin their ability to do so. Amy is determined to change this, one tweet at a time. She also sees breasts in everything.


Burst are a global network of international filmmakers, designers, branding experts and artists who are proud to work across the web, advertising, music and the arts.

Dana Trometer
Dana Trometer Producer/Editor

Dana is a Lebanese – French filmmaker and a social media queen. She started her career as a film editor in 1996 and moved to producing in 2007. She has worked across all genres (features, documentaries, advertising, corporate) and for some of the biggest names and brands in the business (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, PBS).

She is the point of reference when it comes to anything relating to the Middle East.

She goes by three words only when it comes to producing: "everything is possible."

Eric Trometer
Eric Trometer Self-shooting director

Eric is a self-shooting director who shot films across all genres. He loves taking on challenges like lighting 100 musicians, for a 37 camera shoot in a complex venue with a tight budget (all without making the stage too hot). He has that rare combination of being highly imaginative and sensitive, with the skill to bring emotions onto the screen. Eric is as comfortable working along the Philharmonia orchestra, Akram Khan, Hussein Chalayan as following the displaced in Darfur. The projects he worked on have been nominated in Cannes, broadcast on CNN, Channel 4 and featured in Apple ads. He loves working with people from all walks of life!

When he doesn't film Eric spends his time underwater freediving and holds his breath for 5 minutes. Occasionally he remembers to breathe so he meditates.


Honest Pencil specialises in print and digital media with a background in spatial design.

Hilda Allen
Hilda Allen Graphic Designer / Surface Pattern Designer

Irish mum to tiny humans Liam and Javier.

I met Claire around August 2015, when I heard about the advert and thought I could help out with some boobie drawings. We would meet almost every Friday for some tea and idea sharing. The great thing about working with Claire and the project itself, is anything is possible and it keeps growing and growing. I’ve been honoured to work on the logo, the website, infographic, share some ideas on the advert graphics, postcards, stickers, banners, fabric… the list is endless and I look forward to seeing where we go in the future.

GLUE create 3D Animation and Motion Graphics for Online Video, working closely with agencies, businesses & production companies.

Dominik Artist

Dominik is an accomplished artist with experience in various industries including games and visual effects.

His role in the project was to meet with Claire and Hilda to refine and interpret the brief for the effects team to follow. Once all parties were happy to proceed it was his job to create the 3D assets and 2D graphics used in the piece.

Yusuf Compositor

Yusuf is the Production Manager at GLUE and worked as the compositor on this video. He worked closely with Claire, Dana and the team to create the particles, environment and overall feel of the video outlined in the brief.

The most important aspect of this project was to keep the maternal feel constant throughout the video.

Ray Founder

Ray founded and runs GLUE, the company who created the graphics for this video. He has accumulated over fifteen years of creative and technical industry experience in digital video content creation. He has nurtured a positive culture in GLUE of leading through innovation, based on passion for the work involved and the need to continually learn and improve.

The Comms Team

Wife of one, mother of two; dreamer, shaker, mover, blogger, and educator.

Breastfeeding wasn’t my cup of tea until motherhood embraced me. It took me to the brink and back, showed me qualities I didn’t know I possessed, and continues to empower me in ways I didn’t think possible. Learning about breastmilk and breastfeeding is so fascinating; I look forward to training to support others on their journey.

So, you can imagine how delighted I was to find out about Claire’s project in one of my Facebook breastfeeding groups. As someone who fell into the Formula top-up trap as a first time mum, and had to laboriously pump my way to secure my milk supply, learning more about the science of breastmilk is affirming. It’s such a pleasure working with such a diverse team of parents. I enjoy promoting constructive conversations about infant feeding in general and breastfeeding in particular; this advert does these and more, and I’m so thankful to be part of it.


I'm proud to be from good ol'Brizzle - the original home of the advert! I live right in the city with my partner Ian, and our son and daughter. I first heard about the ad when I saw a post on a local facebook breastfeeding support page, asking for Mums who might be interested in appearing in a little volunteer project putting together an advert for human milk. It instantly appealed to me both as a Mum (I was actually yet to meet my daughter who is just a tiny newborn in the ad), and as a professional - I'm an infant feeding specialist midwife. I have seen, and do see evidence daily, both at home and at work, of how truly magical our milk is. It saves and enhances life. It's abundantly clear to me that we all need to try to appreciate, celebrate, and simply use it more in health care and as a society. This advert project has snowballed into something truly ground breaking and I feel genuinely honoured to be a small part of Claire's brilliant boobie team. May it inspire people and projects far and wide!


I live with my husband and two sons in the beautiful city of Bristol. I signed up as cast for the original shoot in 2015 as soon as I heard about the project through an online support group for breastfeeding mums. There was just something special about Claire's passion and commitment to a cause close to my heart as a breastfeeding mum (both then and now). I have loved watching so many other people be similarly inspired to show up in many different ways for breastfeeding and this project. From day one, I have been blown away by the science as it's unfolded before my eyes (the attention to detail appeals to me in my day job as a solicitor!). I have also been deeply moved by the generosity of those who have contributed to such a worthwhile project in whatever way they can. Our bodies and our milk are truly amazing and the advert is a beautiful, scientifically accurate celebration of that. I am so proud to be part of it.


I live with my husband and daughter just outside beautiful Bristol. I was meant to appear in the advert with my husband and daughter back in 2015, however due to unforeseen circumstances we had to pull out at the last minute, much to my disappointment and regret. Thankfully, I’m now involved as part of the Human Milk Team. Yay!

Sadly, my breastfeeding journey did not go as I had initially planned. After much soul-searching and because of my passion for human milk and all that it delivers, I opted to exclusively pump my milk and feed my daughter expressed breastmilk via bottle. I am so proud to be able to say that my little girl got 18 months of my milk.

Throughout the advert creation, my eyes have been opened to the science and composition of breastmilk, and it truly is magical. I hope that the advert is just the start of more incredible things to come – more education surrounding the science, composition and benefits of feeding our babies human milk; more support for Dads and Grandparents so that in turn they can help to support all the beautiful mummies and their babies in achieving their breastfeeding goals; and access to fully informed health professionals to further assist in our breastfeeding journeys.


I live with my partner and our daughter in the vibrant city of Bristol. In my first few weeks as a Mum, the support and information I received from local breastfeeding groups was invaluable. This inspired me to train and volunteer my time as a breastfeeding peer supporter. As a peer supporter, it is my role to ensure families are empowered to make their own informed choices regarding infant feeding. It is a privilege to be a source of support for so many women in Bristol and beyond. In my ‘day job’ I work for Barnardo’s as their Volunteer Coordinator, I am a children’s swim instructor and I am on my way to being an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor (a world away from my pre-baby work in law). Breastfeeding has changed my life!

I am so proud to be a member of the Human Milk Team! When I saw the call to action for the 2015 shoot, I was nervous about the thought of stepping in front of the cameras but had a feeling in my gut that this was a little bit of magic unfolding.

Dan Website developer & general geek

I live with in Bristol with my two children. When I got involved in this amazing venture and went along for the shoot, I casually offered some space to host the website. Fast forward two years and I was furiously coding up the site before the launch event while my newborn son fed in the background...

Watching the project grow under Claire's guidance has been a privilege, and I can't wait to see where it all goes next!


I live with my partner and daughter in South Bristol. I am so happy to have participated in the advert and to be part of the Tiny Humans team. My breastfeeding journey has not been without its ups and downs and it's wonderful to have had the opportunity to celebrate and participate in this beautiful tribute to breastfeeding. I'm passionate about breastfeeding and human milk on a personal level, a public health level and also a political level. Anything that affects women takes a political dimension and I consider that issues around breastfeeding and women's place in society are strongly related and deeply important. If we invest and promote women's and children's health and well-being, we all win and work towards a fairer and more equal society. I hope you are inspired by the advert.

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