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If you're inspired by what we do, help us to spread the science to as many people as possible around the world.


This is a bold plan, and we need all the help we can get.


Every donation matters, whatever the amount.


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Add our logo to your product

Raise funds for Human Milk’s work via your cause-led marketing. Consider donating a percentage of your sales or a set amount to Human Milk CIC. We supply our brand artwork for your website, direct print on packaging, and/or sticker format. Together, we can spread the science, and grow the reach of our educational programs.

We only partner with WHO Code compliant organisations and companies.

License one of our patterns, inspired by the molecules human milk

Choose from a gorgeous selection of patterns that are perfect for mother and baby clothing, buggies, slings, mother etc, and raise funds for us by donating a percentage of the sales of that garment.

Have a look at our clothes and accessories on our shop, and contact us to see our Style Guide including new patterns.

We only partner with WHO Code compliant organisations and companies.

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Human Milk Clothing & Accessories

Help us raise funds by purchasing beautiful clothes and accessories from our non-profit shop, adorned with designs inspired by the molecules in human milk. All our tops are ideal to breastfeed in, and our accessories make perfect gifts.

The change we seek is at societal level

Please note: The billboards above are mock-ups intended to visualise what is possible, and what you can help us achieve. They are not real yet.


We believe that the responsibility for a mother reaching her breastfeeding goals is shared with her community and the healthcare professionals she turns to for support, and does not rest on the mother alone.


We are all under the influence of many decades of heavy marketing that tells us that women's bodies are decorative, rather than phenomenal and vital to the health and survival of our future generations. Women and infants are suffering the consequences of this perception. It's time to change this.

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