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Many of our science resources were co-created with Dr Natalie Shenker, the Co-Founder of The Human Milk Foundation. Dr Shenker helped us to compile the scientific information, and oversaw its accuracy.


The Human Milk Foundation are helping many families who cannot currently access the mother's own milk, or donor milk from our UK national health service. 


Our goal at Human Milk CIC is a world where every baby has access to human milk. But the responsibility must not rest solely on the individual mother to succeed at producing the milk her baby needs. In cases where this is not possible, an alternative source of human milk must be available. We would like to see this offered globally as the first alternative to every family in a challenging situation. Milk banks are a critical piece of the puzzle.


The Human Milk Foundation work to increase the availability of donor human milk to every baby who needs it. See more below and on their website.

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