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No Meta, Sun Bloom is not 'adult content'.

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

International Women's Day 2022. So many brilliant women to celebrate. And so many who are suffering. It's hard to know where to start this year. So we'll start with this woman right here. Sun Bloom.

Not painted from a photograph or a model, but from UK Artist Chloe Trayhurn's imagination and love, Sun Bloom is the Mother of all that is tender, dignified, of all that is beautiful.

She's breathing in this moment in which she's giving everything to her baby. She's the Mother to all of us who have ever given everything to our children, to all of us who wanted children but could not have them, and to all who choose not to have children at all. She's the Mother of all those who protect us and of all those who take us to war.

Without Sun Bloom, there are no humans.

She can't be boosted or advertised on Meta though because she is 'inappropriate adult content'. 3 Meta humans have confirmed this. So Sun Bloom also carries the mark of all the women who were asked to feed their babies in the toilet. All the women who were asked what they were wearing. Why they were out so late. What they said that made him so angry. Of all the women who are trying to find shelter for their families as the bombs fall.

So we've decided to put her on billboards. We're looking into it and might ask for your help soon. And on those billboards, she'll be the Mother of all that is tender, dignified, of all that is beautiful. Because without Sun Bloom, there are no humans.

International Women of the World. You are Brilliant. You are vital. You are seen. You are loved.

[Edit on April 14th 2022] We have been given a 3 storey wall in central Bristol on which top Graffiti Artist Hazard One is going to paint Sun Bloom. We are launching a campaign to raise the funds and we will link to it here as soon as it's available!!!]

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