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Painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties in your milk? Yep!

Did you know that your milk contains painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties?

I didn't. And I worried and felt stressed during the times when my son suddenly seemed to want nothing but boob for days. Then his teeth came through. Or it turned out he had a cold. Or nothing and it just passed. And when he hurt himself, cuddles and milk just sorted it out.

There can be other reasons for increased feeding frequency that also make sense and that we cover elsewhere on the website of course. But it always made sense that he'd want to be close when he was under the weather. Sometimes though, I resented it because I found myself wondering if this was in fact normal, or whether I had perhaps made that proverbial rod for my back.

Then one day, when he was 16 months, I learned that my milk was giving him painkillers and anti-inflammatory components. And it all fell into place. I was still exhausted, but I didn't resent his increased feeds during colds or teething etc. I felt proud and amazed.

But also angry that no-one had ever told me about just how incredible my body and my milk was. Angry that the default advice was "careful, rod for your own back".

So that's why we're telling you. Because you really are truly incredible and everyone needs to know it.

Claire x

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