Rethinking breastfeeding clothing

We make ethically sourced clothes that offer comfort and ease for breastfeeding whilst being designed to be worn whether you are breastfeeding or not.

Rethinking business

Both our products and profits tread lightly on the Earth and fuel our global education movement that empowers people.


We are proud winners of the UK's leading Sustainability Awards, the PEA 'People. Environment. Achievement. Award' 2020

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We call for women’s bodies to be understood, invested in and respected.


Many of our printed designs are inspired by the molecules in human milk, explained on our store website.

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Our Moon is made

up of the known components

of human milk

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Scarves, bags, mugs... Accessories inspired by how incredible women's bodies are.

The Oxyflower, inspired by 'the love hormone' oxytocin

The Arts are often at the centre of profound societal changes.


Music, literature, films, fashion... all have encouraged and sometimes driven radical changes.


Coco Chanel introduced the daring act of women wearing trousers in their free time. She also used jersey, a textile at the time only used for men's underwear. Until then, women's fashion was centred around the restrictive and uncomfortable corset, and frilly, excessive fabrics.


A practical act of rebellion that spoke of the discomfort that women were not prepared to put up with anymore.

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Above: Coco Chanel being awesome in trousers.

Below: Katherine Hepburn being fabulous in trousers

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Human Milk is calling for change too.

We call for women’s bodies to be understood, invested in and respected. We believe that our bodies are temples of brilliance and sustainability, yet they're still mostly seen as commodities globally. 


We are beautiful, certainly, but we are not decorative. Our bodies are brilliant, and change shape to give life to our children, to grow them in our wombs, birth them, and sustain and develop them with our milk.


Human Milk - and human milk - is a contribution towards the equitable and healthy world we want to live in. 

Also, let's normalise the words human milk. After all, we're absolutely comfortable referring to cow's milk, or even soya milk. We're more comfortable talking about milk from a bean than we are about our own...


So let's get comfortable with human milk.

Please note... An intrinsic part of supporting women is supporting their right to bodily sovereignty. We respect women who do not want to breastfeed. This is their decision, based on their lived realities, their needs and the needs of their family. We have not walked in their shoes.

We respect every women's body and choice, unequivocally.

human milk

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Our clothes and accessories can be enjoyed at any stage of life, whether you are breastfeeding or not, knowing that your money is contributing towards protecting the lives and well-being of the next generation of mothers and babies. 

Our clothes are not breastfeeding clothes as such.

They're just clothes that happen to be easy to breastfeed in. 


We design gorgeous, contemporary clothes that embrace, accommodate and normalise our changing shapes and roles, whilst saving on the production and purchase of short term breastfeeding clothing. This reduces the cost to both parents and the planet, plus you get to enjoy Human Milk clothes whether you're breastfeeding or not - knowing you're helping families all over the world with your purchases. 

We use good quality, ethically and sustainably produced fabrics that love your perinatal body. They flow, stretch and lift easily to let you breastfeed comfortably without the use of flaps, zips or holes that often single out breastfeeding clothes as a short term product. 








We want parenthood to be part of the solution to global health and sustainability. 

Many of our patterns and designs are inspired by the shapes of molecules in human milk, so you'll also get to know human milk better as our shop explains the fascinating components in easy to understand bite sizes. Designed by talented Artists, the designs are subtle (except our logo which is quite the ice breaker!), so you can talk about them, or keep it to yourself and just enjoy being part of something rather wonderful.

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Grandma and Grandpa
Tiny human on the way!
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Award winning UK Artist Kirstie MacLeod was inspired by HMOs to create this snowflake that makes a gorgeous pattern. This is an original sketch.

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Billboard mock-ups. Imagine if they were just part of our every day life.

Our Clothing brand and Education work won the Vegan category and was runner up in the Nature category.

Winners in other categories include Sir David Attenborough, VivoBarefoot, Triodos Bank and A Plastic Planet.

“Breastfeeding has been sidelined due to being seen as a woman's issue, when really, it's a people and a planet issue. I like the fact that they’re trying to change that” P.E.A. judge.

We are proud winners of the UK's leading Sustainability Awards, the 'People. Environment. Achievement. Award' 2020