Sun Bloom,
The Motherhood Mural and 

A three storey mural of an image censored on Facebook and a film about it, about body shaming and about how remarkable women's bodies really are.

A Human Milk project in collaboration with Chloe Trayhurn, Summer/Autumn 2022.

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Sun Bloom

By UK Artist Chloe Trayhurn

In March 2022, our Human Milk Clothing brand launched a collaboration with British Artist Chloe Trayhurn, producing scarves of her paintings. Her body of work is a stunning reflection on womanhood and motherhood. 


This is Sun Bloom, one of Chloe’s incredible paintings that we turned into scarves.

But we can’t advertise the image or the scarf on Facebook or Instagram because they have confirmed upon "detailed review" that they believe this image constitutes “sexually suggestive or provocative adult content”.

    Facebook have famously been censoring breastfeeding images on their platform for years, whether or not, god forbid, a nipple is showing.

    Luna by Chloe Trayhun. Also cannot be boosted or advertised for breaking the "adult content" policy.

    We appealed several times, offered insights into the problems this causes for girls and women. We suggested reviewing the policy with them and to include other organisations in the conversation for perspective... To no avail.

    And it’s their platform after all. But this verdict on women’s bodies and the damaging message it sends out to girls and women all over the world is this: 

    You are being sexually provocative *no matter what

    you’re doing*.

    This opinion is firmly in the eye of the beholder and is the same mindset that puts the blame squarely on girls and women for any physical or psychological abuse they face;


    What was she wearing? Why was she out that late? Why did she walk home alone?...

    To assign anything sexually suggestive to images of women feeding their babies is warped and perverted. It's time to turn that lens away from women and focus it back on the eye of the beholder.

    Unfortunately, it's also symptomatic of the wider issue of how women’s bodies are perceived, commodified and censored all over the globe; essentially pointless unless they are buying or selling something.


    Laura modelling for Human milk. Also cannot be boosted or advertised for breaking the "adult content" policy.

    And while social media platforms are censoring images of women feeding their children... 

    Every year, over 823,000 infants die globally because they are not breast-fed and protected by the components in human milk, alongside 20,000 women who would survive breast cancer if breastfeeding rates were higher.

    BF stats HM.jpg
    Paint Strokes

    We respect every woman's choice.

    We are not here to tell women what to do with their bodies. We are here to support mothers who do want to breastfeed.

    The last available figures in the UK state that 85% of new mothers set out to breastfeed. But 50% of those mothers stop within 6 weeks, with up to 90% reporting that they didn’t want to stop but couldn’t find the help they needed to make it work. Even healthcare professionals often don't have the training to know why it matters that these women receive immediate qualified help. 

    The UK government has been cutting funding for breastfeeding support year after year and despite dedicated non-profit organisations working overtime to support new mothers, many are falling through the cracks, sometimes not even knowing where to begin looking for help. 

    Those who do reach out to their immediate community are often told breastfeeding doesn't matter, that they are over-reacting, being a martyr, and handed a bottle as the solution. This can lead to post-natal depression and trauma, as well as physical health issues for the baby and the mother, no matter where in the world. 


    Body shame and fear of people’s judgement is a major contributing factor for women in deciding whether or not to breastfeed - as in many other decisions as well - and on whether or not they reach their goals if they do go for it. 

    Women are never fair game and we are not an afterthought.

    What we need is a cultural revolution...

    The bit where it gets good

    So… We decided to take Sun Bloom out into the world and find a SPACE where she can be seen by everyone in all her beauty and grace, opening up UNCENSORED conversations about our bodies and signposting to mothers and women everywhere that they are brilliant, that they are not alone, and that there is welcoming community and empowering knowledge available right here for them.

    And we’ve been given a three storey high wall in central Bristol, home to Banksy and world famous for its groundbreaking Street Art...
    Haz St Paul's mural.jpg
    Haz flowers.jpg

    Bristol UK

    Greta Thunberg by Jody Thomas

    Queen Bowie by Bansky

    Well Hung Lover by Banksy

    7 storey building by Hazard One

    Seagull by Irony & Boy

    Flowers by Hazard One


    Graffiti Artist

    Internationally renowned, fiercely talented graffiti artist Hazard One has teamed up with us to paint Sun Bloom on the wall.


    HazardOne is recognised as one of the Top 5 female graffiti artists in the UK (The Guardian) and the Top 25 female street artists worldwide (The Huffington Post)

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    We think this is worth documenting

    Our partners Dana and Eric Trometer at Burst Pictures will be filming all of this. They have over 40 years of combined experience working worldwide, producing films that tell meaningful stories for clients including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Arte and Al Jazeera, as well as cultural and humanitarian organisations including the UN Development Program and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

    Together, we'll produce a beautiful short film that exposes the controversy and the problems, but also offers uplifting, new perspectives to lean into. We'll point new mothers everywhere towards supportive community and knowledge, as we all watch the stunning process of Sun Bloom taking shape on her 3 storey building.


    We will then enter this documentary into international film festivals.

    Eric and Dana.jpeg

    Our long-term partners French film director Eric Trometer & Lebanese producer & editor Dana Trometer

    But we will need your help.

    We can't do this without you. We need to raise £42,000 if we are to achieve the painted mural and a great film that travels the world. Our start-up clothing brand Human Milk Clothing & Accessories will donate funds and time on top of that covering further project management, film direction, PR and social media worth around £15,000. Purchases from our brand help to fund our education activities all over the world and will be helping this project too.

    Photographer Jennie Corcoran is also donating £3,000 of her time and Coach & Educator on Birth, Womanhood & Parenthood Charlotte Gouyette is donating her consultancy and practical help worth upwards of £5,000. We have people flying themselves in from Canada and Portugal to witness the paint, help us and be interviewed for the film, women joining us online from Paraguay to Indonesia...


    A wealth of knowledge and wisdom coming together to re-write the script that girls and women are reading.

    We will add the list of confirmed interviewees soon. It's an exciting and powerful list! We'll be creating an event around the painting of the mural and inviting you to join us for any part of the 4 days in Bristol. If you have anything you want to say on camera too, so much the better.


    We will not be censoring anyone.

    Our crowdfunder has not yet officially launched, but it is live. Please contribute if you can, any amount is gratefully received! If you'd like to get involved in any other way, please email


    Women must be free to navigate motherhood, feed their children and walk the world - whether they are mothers or not - with dignity, respect, support and in safety. 


    We’re all responsible for this.

    With love from your Team

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    Chloe Trayhurn, Minimal No 4.jpeg
    Chloe Trayhurn, Floraison.jpeg
    Chloe Trayhurn, Dianthus.jpeg
    Chloe Trayhurn, Sleepy Hands.jpeg

    Chloe Trayhurn is a contemporary British artist, capturing moments of human connection and vulnerability. Her work specialises in representing women through pregnancy, postpartum & the journey of motherhood.

    Chloe has never been able to advertise any of her work on Facebook.

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