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We use traditional andinnovative marketing practices; design, fine Art, photography, and fashion as vehicles for the of information on the known components of Human Milk, and on the science of how breastfeeding works. Click onto our Science Page  to find out what's in human milk and what it does. 


Our multimedia & printed resources are being used for training and education for parents and healthcare professionals in 35 countries and 18 languages.


Welcome to Human Milk CIC.

We promote the Science of Human Milk, in support of the lives and health of mothers and our next generations.


Human Milk is an award winning organisation, founded by parents for parents. We harness our passion for the Arts and for the health of our species and planet to make the remarkable science of human milk and breastfeeding accessible to all.


We communicate directly with parents here on our website, via our Human Milk Clothing & Accessories brand, social media and conferences, and indirectly via governments, healthcare organisations and individuals who use our multi-media resources for training and education in 35+ countries.

Proudly chosen by the Evening Standard and The Independent as a top UK sustainable and ethical company to discover in 2022

Towards a world in which women's bodies are understood, 

invested in and respected. 


With knowledgeable help and an environment that understands and welcomes breastfeeding, almost every mother, everywhere, who wants to breastfeed can succeed at her own goals.


Human Milk is on a mission to make this happen.




A global upscaling of societies' perceptions of

women’s breasts and bodies.

Our bodies are beautiful, but they are also brilliant. We carry a key to the health of our species. Breastfeeding is rightly being increasingly positioned as a gender equality, public health and a climate justice issue

We call for the value of human milk and breastfeeding to be understood and for women to receive the practical and emotional investment and support they need from their families, communities, healthcare providers and policy makers to successfully reach their own breastfeeding goals.

We call for respect, equity, knowledge and protection; women living in safety, respected, with pride in their bodies, confident in themselves and out in the world.

We are all under the influence of centuries of cultural messaging and decades of marketing that rely on us believing that our bodies are not good enough.

We are more than enough. We are brilliant.

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Human Milk scarf
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Human Milk are proud winners of the UK's leading Sustainability Awards:

The 'People. Environment. Achievement.' Award 2020


“Breastfeeding has been sidelined due to being seen as a woman's issue, when really, it's a people and a planet issue. I like the fact that they’re trying to change that” P.E.A. judge.

Other winners include Sir David Attenborough, VivoBarefoot, Triodos Bank and A Plastic Planet.



The global infant and maternal mortality rate linked to infant feeding dramatically reduced.

A global shift in perceptions of women's bodies, women treated with dignity and respect.

Breastfeeding invested in and supported by governments, healthcare services and businesses/work places at policy level and in practice.

Breastfeeding support services funded and available regardless of where mothers live, or their income.

Human donor milk accessible to every family who needs it as an alternative.

Infant feeding reducing its carbon footprint.


Please note... An intrinsic part of supporting women is supporting their right to bodily sovereignty. We respect women who do not want to breastfeed. This is their decision, based on their lived realities, their needs and the needs of their family. We have not walked in their shoes.

We respect every women's body and choice, unequivocally.


Empowering mothers and those who care for them

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We are not a breastfeeding support organisation. Rather, our aim is to make empowering knowledge readily available to parents as well as to the healthcare providers and the general public who form the eco-system around new mothers.

This is far reaching and can enhance many aspects of parenthood and childhood, from breastfeeding support to healthcare and medical provision, to employment law and global sustainability policies.

You'll find links to skilled breastfeeding support on our Find Support page. Our work would not be of much use without these brilliant organisations on the ground.

<- Billboard mock-up. We're working on making it real!

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Our work and breastfeeding together support every one of the UN Global Sustainable Development Goals. 


Read more on the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action website.


Are you breastfeeding or thinking about it?

Welcome to your village


Feast your eyes on the science of human milk. You don't need to eat or live in any special way to produce it. Your body is truly remarkable. We hope it inspires and empowers you.

If you're struggling, have a look at our 'Is This Normal?' page. You might find that all is as it's meant to be.

If not, our 'Find Support' page lists qualified support ready to help you today.

It's a great idea to join some online groups before your baby arrives and meet other mothers who will journey with you.

"I’m always in awe when I see these scientific facts about mother’s milk which then inspires me to keep going despite all the hard work and dedication." Pai

“Knowing the science, I feel inspired, encouraged and resolutely stubborn in my difficult bf journeys.” Nicola

“Knowing the science made me more determined to breastfeed.” Cheryl

"Honestly, breastfeeding felt like the greatest thing I had ever done. Knowing the science gave me a sense of surety of purpose whilst people told me I should stop." Amy

"Knowing the science makes me feel in awe. I breast-fed each one of my four children for a little over two years. It makes me feel empowered that I was able to give each one of my children what they needed for so long." Yadira

"It just amazes me so much, just how smart and complex our bodies are. It is fascinating and should really be shouted about and promoted more." Abbie

“I love your work. Reading your Facebook posts during my 3:00 milk expressing is what keeps me going on my not as expected breastfeeding journey.” Mariana

Healthcare Providers

We use innovative ways to communicate the remarkable science of human milk.

Design, fine Art, photography, film and fashion make complex information accessible and easy to digest.

Healthcare providers use our resources to train staff and support the parents they work with.


When a mother approaches a healthcare professional for help with breastfeeding, it's critical to know why it matters, how to help her, or where to refer her. 


Our online & offline resources are currently being used in 35 countries and 18 languages, with three more languages in progress.

"We use the Human Milk advert in our Health Visitor and Children’s Centre staff training and they love it! It also has an appeal to dads by including them and giving the science behind BF, which they like.

When used in peer support training, they really like the fact that it presents the values of breast milk itself rather than the act of breastfeeding. They also like the term human milk and feel
this breaks down some barriers especially with younger people around the word breast! I know we find this hard to believe but actually it’s valid with younger people"

Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

We use the Human Milk video in all of our staff, manager and volunteer training. It’s great to have such a professional resource rooted in science
to share in our training. Every time we show the advert or use the quotes it immediately highlights some of the huge benefits of breastfeeding and encourages even those who were sceptical to know more."

T. Grant, Public Health, North Somerset Council UK

Click on the posters below to view them in full page.

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Oxytocin wellbeing.jpg
Enzymes-carbs infographic.jpg
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Who is using our resources?

Since our 'Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans' advert was launched in 2017, it has been viewed over 8.5 million times online & thousands offline, and it has been our honour to receive hundreds of requests from all corners of the globe to use our materials for education.

Visit our 'Download Resources' page to access all our materials free of charge.

Much of the creation of this website and our education resources have been supported by funding raised through our clothing brand, Human Milk Clothing & Accessories.

We produce ethically and sustainably sourced clothes that happen to be easy to breastfeed in, along with gorgeous accessories, all adorned with designs inspired by the molecules in human milk. 


Have a look!

HM scaves and bags 036 (1).jpg
Bodhi vest.jpg
Human Milk Blue Moon.jpg
Human Milk Vests.jpg

So what are we up to?


  • Providing an ongoing response to organisations and individuals requesting our resources for training and education. We are growing the distribution, languages and availability of our current education resources to more local and global organisations. 


  • Our human milk advert is available with subtitles in 18 languages. Our advert and infographic were translated into Chinese in 2022 in association with YIYN Education who provide breastfeeding education in 140 cities in China, and Jinquan Breastfeeding Care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Capital Medical University - Beijing Children’s Hospital.

  • All our materials have been translated into French and will be available soon.

  • We are collaborating with the University of Malay to translate our materials into Bahasa Malaysia.


  • Regularly updating our website and uploading new resources, to continue to make the scientific information available freely, and continuing to work with scientists to stay abreast of new developments in human milk research. PODCASTS coming soon!

This project was delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

  • We are developing a pilot for a human milk science GCSE and A Level Biology module in the UK, in collaboration with the Science Department at Llandaff Cathedral School, Cardiff, Wales. 

  • The intention is to have this module integrated into the UK Combined Science National Curriculum for Biology.


  • Whilst we continue to offer a range of tops and accessories on our shop, we are building a strong proof of concept and beginning funding conversations that will enable us to do so much more for women and families across the globe.

Things we're working towards
Billboards 1.jpg
Laura billboard.jpg

Billboard mock-ups. How awesome would it be!!?

New adverts & 

stills photoshoots

Clothing & Accessories

International marketing campaigns 

Global Community & Merchandise

  • We would like to expand our footage and imagery to further represent families around the globe and deliver more incredible information about human milk and breastfeeding. All our current resources are placed on social media and made freely available. These resources have the potential to be offered as training packages and ongoing tools for healthcare providers and volunteers, as well as schools for biology modules.

  • Human Milk Clothing & Accessories has the potential to fund all our other activities, serving and supporting parents both via the clothes & accessories themselves and the associated events, shows, press etc, and via our education outreach. Imagine being a leading go-to brand for maternity clothes, accessories and more, where women can find great outfits for all sorts of occasions alongside knowledge, community and support, whether they are still breastfeeding or not.

  • We could lead campaigns in the UK and around the globe (billboards, buses, bus stop posters, magazines...) There is so much to say about human milk and so much urgency for the knowledge to be delivered in an inspiring way and absorbed by global communities. 

  • Supplying hospitals and local councils. We would like to offer educational resources and human milk merchandise globally (mugs, pens, water bottles etc) pointing to our website and normalising human milk and breastfeeding in the environments new parents visit for perinatal appointments.

Billboard 5.jpg

Mock ups of billboards!​ Intended to visualise what's possible... Design will be updated to work on billboards.

Billboard 4.jpg
Billboards 2.jpg
Tanya billboard.jpg

If you are inspired by our work and dreams, please help us to make them a reality for everyone

Thank You!

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