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Welcome to Human Milk CIC 

We promote the Science of Human Milk, in support of mothers and Infants globally


Welcome to Human Milk CIC.

We promote the Science of Human Milk, in support of mothers and Infants globally.

Human Milk Community Interest Company is an independent non-profit organisation sharing the science of human milk and breastfeeding. 


We are working towards a world in which everyone understands why human milk and breastfeeding matter so much.

  • A world in which the value of breastfeeding is understood, and women receive the practical and emotional support they need to define and successfully reach their own breastfeeding goals.

  • Where breastfeeding is invested in and supported by governments at policy level.


  • Where breastfeeding support services are adequately funded and available regardless of where parents live or their income.

  • Where human donor milk is easily accessible to every family who needs it as an alternative.

  • Where the global infant and maternal mortality rate linked to infant feeding is dramatically reduced.

  • Where infant feeding reduces its carbon footprint.


Our aim is a long term behaviour change

We are committed to working towards profound culture shifts and believe that widespread knowledge of the science of human milk is key to a culture's true understanding of how much breastfeeding matters.

Our multi-media resources are being used for education and training in 35 countries and 18 languages, as well as by millions of parents on and offline.

We want to see:

  • Positive attitudes to breastfeeding in the general public.

  • Widespread understanding of what breasts are biologically meant for.

  • Society being supportive of breastfeeding mothers, and respectful of all mothers’ feeding choices. No-one can know what’s in a bottle, or what that mother has been through. It could be expressed or donor human milk, and parents who formula feed are doing so from an educated place, and for personal reasons that must be respected.

  • Babies commonly seen being breastfed in public, on TV soaps, movies and visual media.


  • In other words, breastfeeding being normal and valued.

"I’m always in awe when I see these scientific facts about mother’s milk which then inspires me to keep going despite all the hard work and dedication." Pai

“Knowing the science, I feel inspired, encouraged and resolutely stubborn in my difficult bf journeys.” Nicola

“Knowing the science made me more determined to breastfeed.” Cheryl

"Honestly, breastfeeding felt like the greatest thing I had ever done. Knowing the science gave me a sense of surety of purpose whilst people told me I should stop." Amy

"Knowing the science makes me feel in awe. I breast-fed each one of my four children for a little over two years. It makes me feel empowered that I was able to give each one of my children what they needed for so long." Yadira

"It just amazes me so much, just how smart and complex our bodies are. It is fascinating and should really be shouted about and promoted more." Abbie

“I love your work. Reading your Facebook posts during my 3:00 milk expressing is what keeps me going on my not as expected breastfeeding journey.” Mariana

Empowering parents and those who care for them

"We use the Human Milk advert in our Health Visitor and Children’s Centre staff training and they love it! It also has an appeal to dads by including them and giving the science behind BF, which they like.

When used in peer support training, they really like the fact that it presents the values of breast milk itself rather than the act of breastfeeding. They also like the term human milk and feel
this breaks down some barriers especially with younger people around the word breast! I know we find this hard to believe but actually it’s valid with younger people"

Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

We use the Human Milk video in all of our staff, manager and volunteer training. It’s great to have such a professional resource rooted in science
to share in our training. Every time we show the advert or use the quotes it immediately highlights some of the huge benefits of breastfeeding and encourages even those who were sceptical to know more."

T. Grant, Public Health People & Communities, North Somerset Council UK


Are you breastfeeding or thinking about it?

Feast your eyes on the incredible science of human milk. You don't need to eat or live in any special way to produce it. Your body is truly remarkable. We hope it inspires you and empowers you.

If you're struggling, have a look at our 'Is This Normal?' page. You might well find that all is as it's meant to be. If not, our 'Find Support' page lists qualified support ready to help you today.

It's a great idea to join some online groups before your baby arrives and meet lots of mothers who will journey with you.

You Are Not Alone

Our Education Movement

We use traditional and innovative marketing practices; design, fine Art, photography, film and fashion as vehicles for the dissemination of information on the known components of Human Milk, and on the science of how breastfeeding works. Click onto our Science Page  to find out what's in human milk and what it does. 


Our multimedia & printed resources are being used for training and education for parents and healthcare professionals in 35 countries and 18 languages.

Click on the posters below to view them in full page.

Who is using our resources?

Since our 'Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans' advert was launched in 2017, it has been viewed over 8.5 million times online & thousands offline, and it has been our honour to receive hundreds of requests from all corners of the globe to use our materials for education.

Visit our 'Download Resources' page to access all our materials.

Human Milk Clothing & Accessories

Much of what you see on this website has been supported by funding raised through our clothing brand.

Join us in supporting mothers and infants, and spread the science effortlessly.

We launched our clothing and accessories brand in 2017 to share the science in a new way and raise funds for our education movement by offering beautiful, sustainable clothes & accessories, adorned with designs inspired by the shapes of molecules in human milk. Have a look!



Ethically sourced tops that are ideal for breastfeeding and beyond, baby vests and more.



Mugs, scarves, bags... Find a gift or treat yourself.

Science Resources

Posters and postcards

So what are we up to?

New Resources

  • We are planning new adverts and content that we will use for a growing audience for education, online social media, offline marketing such as billboards & magazine campaigns, and, funding permitting, TV. 


  • Providing an ongoing response to organisations and individuals requesting our resources for training and education. We are proactively growing the distribution and availability of our current education resources to more local and global organisations. 


  • Translating text into more languages. Our advert is available with subtitles in 18 languages. We are currently translating the educational materials into Chinese in association with two organisations; YIYN Education who provide breastfeeding education in 140 cities in China, and Jinquan Breastfeeding Care at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Capital Medical University - Beijing Children’s Hospital.


  • Regularly updating our website and uploading new resources, to continue to make the scientific information available freely, and continuing to work with scientists to stay abreast of new developments in human milk research.


  • We are developing a pilot for a human milk science GCSE and A Level Biology module in the UK, in collaboration with the Science Department at Llandaff Cathedral School, Cardiff, Wales. Once this pilot is completed, we will make it available to a larger audience of students and continue to work with feedback to improve it. Several schools across the UK have already expressed an interest in being part of this next phase, and we will put out a call for any more schools who are interested in participating as soon as we are ready.

  • The intention is to work with the schools involved to have this module integrated into the UK Combined Science National Curriculum for Biology.


  • Continuing to grow our clothing and accessories range and partnerships, sharing the science effortlessly whilst providing women with ethically sourced, sustainable clothing that is always easy to breastfeed in. With no zips or holes, meaning the clothes can be worn long after the breastfeeding journey has ended.

  • Our Human Milk Clothing & Accessories Brand is run as a non-profit, meaning that once its running costs are met, the surplus is invested into our education movement.

  • We are seeking partnerships with both mainstream fashion brands and Mother & Baby clothing and accessories brands to license our patterns, help us spread the science and raise funds for our education work.

Help us to help more families

Thank You!

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