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Although breastfeeding is ‘natural’ so is giving birth, and most of us expect to get help with that.


Many of us didn’t grow up around breastfeeding and have lived in a society with historically low breastfeeding rates. We may not even have seen breastfeeding up close until we come to do it ourselves.

Breastfeeding Can Be Hard

Testimonials from breastfeeding mothers

Peer supporters, breastfeeding counsellors, helplines, IBCLCs (lactation consultants), trained healthcare professionals as well as our friends and family can all help us to reach our breastfeeding goals.
Sometimes breastfeeding just happens, sometimes it’s a bit more complicated. We also live in a society where breastfeeding is sometimes undermined and mothers may lack confidence. Breastfeeding support can help with that too.

See our 'Find Support' page if you're struggling in any way, even if it's "just" with feeling lonely. And have a listen to the videos of other mothers telling their story and what helped them here.

For loads more content, articles and videos, see all other sections of this 'Is This Normal' page, as well as our 'Find Support' page if you need help.

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