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Download Our Educational Materials, for print or electronic use

This is free of charge, as we know that breastfeeding support is often under/un-funded, and we want everyone to have equitable access to our materials. Please feel free to use our resources to help as many people as you can, subject to the Copyright and Usage guidelines below.

All purchases from our Shop fuel this offer. Spread the word! The files available here for the infographic are only suitable for electronic use. You can buy infographic posters of on our shop, as well as science postcards. Click here to Visit our Shop.

Please read our copyright and usage guidelines below before downloading.


Copyright and usage:

The resources available from Human Milk are intended to inform parents, health professionals, families and interested parties on the components of human milk. All resources are subject to copyright from Human Milk Clothing Ltd and may not be altered in any way, including translation, without prior written permission from us. 

- Materials cannot be used by any organisation for commercial benefit or financial gain of any kind including grant funding.

- Materials may not form the basis of academic research projects without prior written consent from Human Milk CIothing Ltd. 

- Materials may not be used by organisations that promote the use of breastmilk substitutes with or without modification.

- Materials may not be used by any organisation acting in breach of WHO Code regulations.

Disclaimer: This information should not be regarded as a substitute for professional advice or treatment. We recommend that you visit a recognised healthcare professional for any medical issues you may be experiencing. Bring these resources along with you!

Thank you.


The following formats are available, and here's a spot of help with the downloading process

Please note: You will find files that you can use to print postcards. However you may find it easier and just as cost effective to order our ready to use postcards, available on our shop. 

download resources.jpg

Please note: Some organisations use firewalls that prevent their computers from connecting to file sharing sites such as Onedrive, where our files are available for you. If you encounter any issues accessing our drive, please contact your IT department.

Alternatively, some people affected have chosen to download the materials on their personal computers, and bring them in to work on a memory stick.

If you would like to discuss translating any text, please get in touch. Please note that we cannot finance this ourselves yet, though we are working towards it.

Thank you for helping us to spread the science of human milk!

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