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Please help us to paint this stunning censored image by Chloe Trayhurn on a three storey wall!

June 26th 2022
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Video podcasts are coming, with brilliant women who have also agreed to speak in our film about Sun Bloom, the image by Chloe Trayhurn of a breastfeeding mother censored on Facebook and Instagram ads as "sexually provocative adult content". We'll no doubt encounter more conversation opportunities over the coming weeks.

The podcasts will open up space to talk it out, explore the reasons for the censorship - which go well beyond social media - how we feel about it, and the real world results of it.

We'll rage and laugh and grieve and explore through various lenses, always bringing the focus back onto how incredible women's bodies really are and what we can do to bring ownership of our bodies back to ourselves.

We didn't mean for this to happen at a time when many of us are struggling with our bills, or at a time when so many of us are grieving the rolling back of women's rights.

But in actual fact, change is urgent. We're all part of the solution, though I certainly don't always feel that way, and we need to raise our voices now.

The crowdfunder is live and we will launch it properly next week. Feel free to start contributing, whatever the amount, and sharing the link and the content coming up, we're going to need help on this one.

Read all about the project and contribute here:

The Motherhood Mural & Film


Thank you!! Claire 

Big, 3 storey high news
April 10th 2022.

Chloe Trayhurn's painting Sun Bloom, which we have printed onto stunning scarves in collaboration with Chloe, will be painted on a large Bristol wall by Internationally renowned graffiti Artist Hazard One and we will be producing a film about it.

Sun Bloom has been censored by Facebook as "sexually suggestive adult content", and we've had rather enough.

So we decided to take Sun Bloom out into the world and find a space where she can be seen in all her beauty and grace, signposting to new mothers and women everywhere that they are brilliant and that there is community and empowering knowledge right here for them.

Our partners at Burst Pictures will document all of this and together we will produce a short film covering this story, the making of the mural, the real world effects of censorship of women’s bodies, and bringing the focus back onto just how remarkable women and their bodies actually are.

Human Milk will donate funds and time covering project management, production, PR, graphic design and event management, photographer Jennie Corcoran is donating her time, and we will be crowdfunding the rest very shortly!

March 2022
Human Milk
Chloe Trayhurn


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A conversation between Wisdom Blogs Founder Liza K Collins MD and our Founder Claire Tchaikowski.
"Imagine if everywhere we went [if we're struggling with breastfeeding], people said 'Ok, we need to help you, because we know how important this is both for the next generation and also for you.' and within a day you could be seen by people who get it"

Human Milk in Juno Magazine

JUNO Magazine's new Spring 2021 issue features 3 pages on human milk, and Human Milk! Our Founder Claire explores the contents of our milk and has a bit of a rant, calling for mothers and breastfeeding support organisations to get the recognition, social framework and funding they need for breastfeeding to really succeed.

The article includes a photo of gorgeous Dede and her tiny human. Thank you Dede!

You can subscribe to Juno here.

It's a beautiful publication about sustainability, community and parenting.

Thank you Juno!

We Won a leading UK sustainability award!
Watch the video below 
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our new website

It has arrived. Our new website! Well, you know this, because you're on it... Have a look around, with new features and information, there's a lot to drink in. 

It was sort of accidentally built by Claire, after we wondered how hard it would be to re-build our site on a new platform that meant we could update it regularly without a PhD in coding. 2 weeks down a rabbit hole, with graphics by our designer Lisa and some last minute tech help from our über geek Dan, et voilà! It's nice to meet you.

New Partner

We're excited to announce our partnership with Forever Cacao, a family business producing Award Winning Chocolate from ethically sourced Peruvian Ashaninka Cacao.


10p per pack of Coconut Milk Chocolate will go to Human Milk CIC.

Minimally processed in Wales from all natural ingredients. Vegan friendly and free from gluten, dairy, soya and palm oil. No refined sugar. Handmade and wrapped in plastic free packaging... We love it!!

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P.E.A. Awards

We have been shortlisted for the 'People. Environment. Achievement.' Awards in the Nature and Vegan categories!

The P.E.A. Awards are the UK's leading sustainability awards, and we are absolutely delighted.


The event takes place on Friday Nov 20th 2020, and you can register free for the virtual event.

Eva Fernandes joins us as a Director

Eva joined Human Milk CIC on May 29th 2020. She brings a wealth of experience in building businesses and bringing lasting, equitable change to people's lives.


Eva's care for parents and infants goes back a long way. She was the Founder of Born; Bristol's first ethical parent & baby store in 2000, and The Baby Bank; a thriving charity that provides families in need with the essentials to care for their new babies.

Eva and Claire first met in 2012 and collaborated on a first event, Bristol Food Connections 'Human Milk, our Perfect First Food' in 2015. Eva was there to help at the advert shoot and launch, made our Human Milk event at Colston Hall in June 2019 happen, and it's with huge pride that we welcome her officially to the company.

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We teamed up with Ergobaby to talk about oxytocin, and why holding your baby close works so well for breastfeeding.