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Breastfeeding clothes that are not breastfeeding clothes

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Did you know that our Human Milk clothes are not breastfeeding clothes as such?

They're just clothes that happen to be easy to breastfeed in.

We design gorgeous, contemporary clothes that embrace, accommodate and normalise our changing shapes and roles, saving on the production and purchase of short term nursing and maternity clothing. This reduces the cost to both parents and the planet. To do this we use good quality, ethically and sustainably produced fabrics that love your perinatal body. They flow, stretch and lift easily to let you breastfeed comfortably without the use of flaps, zips or holes that often single out breastfeeding clothes as a short term product.

The money raised through Human Milk Clothing & Accessories also fuels our education movement. The creation and free distribution of many of our education resources have been supported by funding raised so far.

So you get to enjoy Human Milk clothes whether you're breastfeeding or not, and know that you're helping a lot of families all over the world with your purchases.

Parenthood can become part of the solution to global health and sustainability.

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